Tri-Capital Development, LLC

Tri-Capital Development, LLC, the flagship of Tri-Capital and Companies, is located on 12 Bailey St, Dorchester, MA. The property is a 24-unit brick apartment building within a The property is a 24-unitt brick apartment building within a 3-minute walk to Ashmont Station. Consists of fourteen large 2-bedroom, 1-bath, and eight extremely large1- bedrooms with 1-bath and two studio and 1-bath units. This property is located in the vibrant Ashmont section of Dorchester. Tenants are able to enjoy off-street parking at no extra cost.

January 2020
 Pyramid Realty Trust

Pyramid Realty Trust is a 16-unit apartment building located on 837 River St. in Hyde Park, Ma. The property consist of 14 two bedrooms and two one-bedrooms. The property provided a strong free cash flow with exceptional upside potential because of the large square footage of each apartment.

 Summit Property Development, LLC

Summit Property Development, LLC was acquired in December of 2008. This property consists of three brick buildings on 1 1/2 acres, beautifully landscaped, on the west side of Brockton near D.W. Golf Course. The property also consists of fourteen 2-bedrooms and 1 1/2 bath townhouses with walk-in closets. Two 2-bedrooms with1-bath. And eleven 1-bedrooms, 1-bath apartments. For a total of 27 apartments.


Acquired in November 2017

Vertex Properties

Vertex Properties is six-unit multifamily building consisted of 4, three bedrooms one bath and 2, two bedrooms one bath this is a repossession opportunity whereas Vertex Properties will be renovated, updated and enhanced its rent roll and will be ready for re-position within the next three years.

Why Choose Us?

Tri-Capital & Companies has been providing affordable housing to lower to middle income families in the Boston area for more than 20 years.


Tri-Capital & Companies is an advocate worker with the United States Veterans Administration Center for Homeless Veterans, providing housing and support for homeless veterans in the Boston area.

Charitable Giving

The first black scholarship to University of Massachusetts Lowell set up for the Sydney family given to a well deserving undergraduate engineering student involved in the national Society of black engineers.